An old map of Derbyshire, hand-drawn in 1840 for the renowned cartographic publisher Samuel Lewis. THE PRIORY OF REPTON, WITH THE CELL OF CALKE It has been already mentioned (fn. Repton School has established a strong brand identity in the UK and the Middle East. South Derbyshire Genealogy Pages. A School in England: The History of Repton is the last book by the respected historian and Old Reptonian Hugh Brogan. These superbly detailed maps provide an authoritive and fascinating insight into the history and gradual development of our cities, towns and villages. Repton is a historical place. Repton's history becomes richer still when you discover from the Repton Trail leaflet that a gaze through the mid-13th century archway of Repton School's Priory gatehouse reveals examples of architecture from every century from the 8th to the 20th. It is difficult to realise when visiting Repton that in the 7th century it was the capital of the Kingdom of Mercia. The maps are decorated in the margins by selected Frith photographs. History of Repton Prep The school was established in 1940 at The Cross in Repton with just eight boys, and then in 1942 it moved to Latham House. Repton, despite its relative seclusion, is a corner of Derbyshire where the nation’s history has repeatedly been manifested. As the senior school numbers increased the prep … The Repton site was a very wealthy monastery in the 870s when the Vikings attacked and the excavations uncovered a number of burials. You'll see many vestiges of … There were some individual burials around the old Anglo-Saxon church including a double burial of two men right next to each other. In 653, King Penda’s son returning to Repton from Northumbria, with a Christian bride and four priests, set about establishing a monastery as a base to spread Christianity across the Midlands. Genealogy & Family History Resources for parishes + villages of the former Hundred of Repton & Gresley in the County of Derbyshire… Old Map of Derbyshire. He married -Mrs Gilbert Hyde about 1607 in Of Repton, Derbyshire, Eng.-Mrs Gilbert Hyde 1 was born about 1587 in Of Repton, Derbyshire, Eng. According to historical records, the Great Army spent the winter in Repton in A.D. 873-874 and attacked the king of Mercia, an Anglo-Saxon kingdom, sending him into exile. 1) that a monastery was founded—tradition says by St. David— at Repton about the year 600. In the year 1556, Sir John Port devised all his estates in Lancashire and Derbyshire, in trust, for the foundation and endowment of a grammar school at Repton, and an hospital at Etwall. Gilbert Hyde 1 was born about 1582 in Of Repton, Derbyshire, Eng. History Established in 1557 in Derbyshire, England, Repton UK is one the most prestigious independent schools in Britain proudly offering 460 years of history and experience. In the 17th century a grave was found in Repton containing the intact skeleton of a remarkably large man – supposedly nine feet tall – surrounded by the disarticulated remains of two hundred and fifty Vikings. By the end of the War there were over 100 boys in the prep school.