Somewhere in the depths of Reno’s Kingdom of Horrors, the resident demented duo of Mel and Lester Kilburn roam, searching for the next batch of souls to trap within their 26 rooms of terror. The spirits of Old Hawaii are said to taunt and chase unsuspecting guests as they wind their way through the haunted jungle. Runner Up: Haunted Forest in American Fork, UT. Runner Up: Haunted Fort in Mandan, ND. The haunt’s top three attractions vary in levels of screams and gore for the most ardent horror fan. Be one of the tens of thousands of people to enjoy their haunted house attraction as well as 5 escape rooms! Runner Up: The Beast in Kansas City, MO, No one can hear you in the Field of Screams…, This two-time FrightFind winner tucks the terror into three acres of 10-foot-tall corn stalks—and this maze is anything but corny. Get unlimited rides with a Frightpass or VIP Frightpass. Over 40,000 square feet of pure horror has the earsplitting screams being heard all night long. Darkest Dreams is an exercise in pure unrelenting fear that will challenge everyone’s phobias to the absolute max. In fact, three are said to have died inside the home, which currently houses a restaurant where murder mystery dinner theater takes place. Desires that are downright evil. As if circus’ aren’t scary enough, here’s a haunted one. This in-your-face haunted house experience consistently pushes the limits of horror and was once featured in USA Today for their contentious approach to making their visitors’ skin crawl. Of course, every haunted farm needs a barn… and Sensturbia’s pitch-black twists and turns is designed “to scare you senseless.” However, there is an option for those who aren’t up for the thrills and chills: Cedar Hill’s Haunted Farm does offer a scare-free Flashlight Corn Maize & Tractor Ride, and flashlights are available for sale on-site. Considering that one of the three Las Vegas houses offered here is an R-rated haunted house, you already have an idea of what you're in for.People have said it feels like a near-death experience, which explains the waiver you have to sign so actors can push you, cover you in a slimy substance, and have you walk through electric chains where you can get shocked. For the second year in a row. Come walk among evil spirit and Lakeville Haunted House, where even if you’re alone, there always feels like someone is watching you. Runner Up: The Devil’s Attic in Louisville, KY. It is actually haunted. This New Orleans haunted house was an actual mansion built in 1872 and functioned as a mortuary for 80 years! You can also face your darkest fears in the Dark Dreams haunted house, go for the monster-packed ride of your life on the Ride of Terror (which was featured on HGTV’s Scariest Haunted Houses), and attempt to escape the fanatical family of murderers that lurk in Slaughter Cave. FrightFind It: The Fear Farm in Blacksburg, SC See for yourself what some call, the most original haunted house they’ve ever been to. For the second year in a row, Paranoia Haunted House takes our number one spot. 3D Nightmare has you wearing a pair of 3D glass that puts you in a scary clown funhouse full of killer clowns, spinning rooms, and violently shaking floors. Runner Up:  The Hex House in Tulsa, OK. Travel down to the Deep South to this former antebellum plantation touted as “one of America’s most haunted homes.” Located on 9.9 acres and surrounded by centuries-old live oak trees, Myrtles Plantation (circa 1796) is rumored to have been built upon an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground and home to at least 12 ghosts (including 10 murdered souls…). If you ever had any doubt that our company builds the best Haunted … FrightFind It: Fear Asylum in Brookings, SD These terrifying places carry legends of entire families vanishing into thin air and served as a backdrop for murders and suicides. The Darkness - St. Louis, Missouri -, 13.