Make the input feel meaningful. Animated videos are a unique way to share content more than once. Interactive media normally refers to products and services on digital computer-based systems which respond to the user's actions by presenting content such as text, moving image, animation, video, audio, games, etc. In this video they have a bit of fun with U.S. Democratic candidate for president Julian Castro and his twin brother Juan, who is also a politician. Telling the same story (Before-After-Bridge) from a new angle can make it feel fresh again. This calendar acts as a management tool that outlines what and when you post and on which platform. Promoting things like this via an event instead of a regular social media post means anyone who indicates they are interested or attending will get a reminder when it starts. Also, Instagram allows users to share feed posts to their Stories, giving your posts an even wider audience. Interactive content is all the rage. Clothing brand Ninety-Eight promoted their upcoming appearance at Toronto’s One Of A Kind Show by giving away free tickets via Instagram. Watch the whole ad here to feel a little homesick. Social media- Internet sites designed for social interaction such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger- is a powerful new tool revolutionizing the advertising field. Skincare brand Summer Fridays saves its takeovers via Instagram Stories, where different influencers share how their products fit in their personal care routines. As with quote posts, you can use Adobe Spark or A Design Kit to create a visual way to share this feedback. And there’s so many options to choose from: Pro tip: You can share video on any of your channels, but on Facebook and Twitter, it’s best to upload videos directly (versus sharing the YouTube or Instagram video link) to get the most engagement. 15 Awesome Examples of Social Media Marketing. Truly successful social media campaigns are creative and unique. It’s a popular feature on the platform, with 500 million stories being posted every single day. But these posts can also be as simple as sharing photos of a few pages inside the covers of a book. Don’t forget about Stories when using Instagram! A post shared by La Petite Librairie D+Q (@petitedrawnandquarterly). This can take place on your platforms, social media or other third party venues. Proactively engage and comment on other peoples’ content. Nike’s Twitter account @NikeSupport is a great example of a company using social media to improve its customer service. When you look at the history and the massive success of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, it’s easy to see that visual content has proven to create massive staying (and stickiness) power.. Use pictures that support the mission and purpose of your business. Enthusiasm is waning. And as engagement falls, so do all the benefits of social media … We’ve seen it before, but not quite like this. Aldi is an international grocery store chain with over 10,000 locations across Europe, Australia, China, and the U.S. They’re best known for their no frills stores and low prices, but their Instagram is also poppin’. All the examples from this post are already in there to give you a head start. Think about how you can make these polls and surveys fun. But fresh, quality content that attracts users’ attention and keeps them informed is important. Get readers and the community to contribute their point of view to the conversation around your published content. She writes about a wide variety of topics including technology, media, health, and politics. HubSpot – Timely, Relatable Content. HubSpot consistently nails timely content on their Instagram page. : @mydailypantone, A post shared by PANTONE (@pantone) on May 15, 2020 at 10:39am PDT. Live streams. Your employees. Get specific. It can be challenging to find fresh social media content ideas when you have to post something every day on multiple platforms. And you’ll never find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again. Either way, consider sharing them both on Twitter and your other social channels. 1. Ensure your guest sticks to your brand guidelines and aesthetic, but let them have a bit of fun with it too. Using your goals as an anchor can help you accurately adjust your strategy. Part of paid social is getting your foot in the door with brand association. You’re more likely to reach prospects with paid social, so channel some of that creative energy usually reserved for organic social posts into your ads instead. The first example on... Amazon. 2. Company updates are especially important on Twitter, where 40% of users are there for breaking news. Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit Code Your Galaxy, "If you've got a kid who likes Star Wars… this is the perfect introductory kit." You can then share some of the responses you get in Stories as well. … Group products together, photograph them against interesting backgrounds, or deconstruct them to show them in a new way. That means you’re leaving reach and engagement on the table if you aren’t sharing ... 2. 🚨 If you have any questions regarding reservations for the US #SchittsCreek pop up events in NYC and LA, please direct them to @SchittsCreekPop and/or @PopTV! Can you create an ad that adds value to your prospects’ timelines… even if they don’t buy anything? For example, Hootsuite shared this Entrepreneur article on the “10 Laws of Social Media Marketing” to Facebook because we knew our followers are social media professionals who would find the information useful.