Its column family is also more like HBase table. Db2 does not support of Map Reduce method. 3) – Rows: 95 We provide examples, with commands and code, and not just a narrative explanation. 6. HBase vs Cassandra: The Differentiating Factors 1. NoSQL databases do not follow all the rules of a relational database —specifically, it does use a traditional row/column/table database design and does not use structured query language (SQL) to query data. Side-by-side comparison of Apache Cassandra and IBM Db2. Cassandra was initially developed internally at Facebook to handle large data sets across multiple servers. Cassandra does not have the concept of Foreign keys. NoSQL vs. SQL. Db2 has the concept of Referential Integrity and Foreign keys. Cassandra has demonstrated brilliant performance under large sets of data. In Db2 data schema is fixed. While the terms of both the databases are more or less, there are some fundamental difference between HBase and Cassandra. Popular distributed NoSQL databases of the past decade including Apache Cassandra initially focused on “big data” use cases that did not require such guarantees and hence avoided implementing them altogether. DBMS > Cassandra vs. IBM Db2 Event Store vs. ScyllaDB System Properties Comparison Cassandra vs. IBM Db2 Event Store vs. ScyllaDB. The column in Cassandra is like HBase’s cell. Recommended Article. Cassandra has made this dream come true! Thus, Cassandra is loved by those organizations that deal with huge amount of data every day and at the same time cannot afford to lose such data. Data Models. 10. Server operating systems for Cassandra are BSD, Linux, OS X, and Windows. Free E-book: The Beginner’s Guide to MongoDB Here we make a side by side comparison of MongoDB versus Cassandra. 9. Rows are organized into tables with a required primary key.. IBM DB2 - A family of database server products developed by IBM. Side-by-side comparison of Cassandra vs. IBM DB2 – Spot the differences due to the helpful visualizations at a glance – Category: Data Storage – Columns: 2 (max. It was released as an Apache open source project in 2008: IBM Db2 was the name introduced by IBM in 1983. The names DB2(tm) and Db2(tm) refer to database-server products developed by IBM. See how many websites are using Apache Cassandra vs IBM Db2 and view adoption trends over time. MongoDB vs Cassandra: NoSQL Databases Compared. Cassandra X exclude from comparison: IBM Db2 formerly named DB2 or IBM Database 2 X exclude from comparison: JSqlDb X exclude from comparison; Description: Wide-column store based on ideas of BigTable and DynamoDB Optimized for write access: Common in IBM host environments, 2 different versions for host and Windows/Linux Cassandra supports Map Reduce method. Hadoop - Open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing 8. Cassandra is free of data schema. This has been a guide to the top difference between MongoDB vs Cassandra. Cassandra - A partitioned row store. Both MongoDB vs Cassandra Performance the databases have their greater advantages depending on the requirements and the amount of data about to be handled in the application decides the choice to be made. Please select another system to include it in the comparison. ACID transactions were a big deal when first introduced formally in the 1980s in monolithic SQL databases such as Oracle and IBM DB2.