Inventory System Database Design. Secondly, whenever the InventoryOnHand is less than the value shown in MinimumRequired, we would like to alert the user by displaying it in a prominent background color such as gold. phpGrid Lite (subgrid) -or- phpGrid Enterprise (Master detail, Grouping), Complete the installation by configuring the. This sheet should include all the product’s … Download these examples now and begin the processes of making the inventory database that is suitable for your business and its nature of operations. Language. Each element must be tracked based on its location, SKU, and quantity. How Do I Design a Database The sample tables also include information about sales and inventory. The Specifications for the Data Model were specified in a question to the Database Answers Web Site. The progressive style of these tutorials also helps the reader to ultimately become more familar and comfortable with phpGrid by introducing a limited number of new phpGrid features in each one. Let’s start with the Current Inventory page. It contains more than 40 tables. Never lose track of a device again! We would be glad to have your comments. [CDATA[// >