In Bianca’s relationship with Lucentio, with whom she quickly falls in love, Shakespeare draws on the characterisation typical of the ‘young lovers’ (Gli inamorati) from the Italian Commedia dell'Arte tradition.These characters were lovers of high status who faced the dilemma of either following their hearts or being obedient to the wishes of their parents. The relationships between servants and masters closely reflect the gender relationships in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. " Incontrast to Bianca's and Lucentio's love, their relationship is not built around romance" (Snider 327). Explore this moment from Act 3 Scene 1 of Shakespeare's play, with annotated text, galleries and videos of the scene in performance. This is what Lucentio seems to desire with Bianca and, as the two develop affection for each other, their relationship seems to exemplify this idealistic version of marriage. According to Baptista, to marry Bianca, someone must marry Kate first. At the beginning, the two do not even like each other. Lucentio and Hortensio, each in disguises, compete over who will teach their lesson to Bianca. But what has really happened is that Tranio has taken on Lucentio's identity so that Tranio can negotiate a marriage settlement for his master based upon acting under his disguise. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Their relationship is the strongest because they learned so much from each other. Their marriage is unusual because they are forced to have this harsh relationship. The relationships between servants and masters closely reflect the gender relationships in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. When Hortensio tries to get a guarantee of Bianca’s time, he asks her, “You’ll leave his lecture when I am in tune?” Another key point to emphasize the instability of the characters is the relationship of Petruchio and Kate. Lucentio's love-struck impracticality wins Bianca's heart, but leaves him with something less than a happily-ever-after ending when Bianca turns out to be something other than a fairy-tale princess. About this essay More essays like this: bianca, character of katherine. WORDS 1,659. The “enchantment” of love causes Lucentio to do anything he needs in order to be with Bianca. Which of the following statements is true about Bianca and Lucentio's relationship? View Full Essay. How do they interact with each other? answer choices . Lucentio and Tranio's relationship as master and servant is an ideal of the Renaissance era according to "An Homily on the State of Matrimony." Tranio risks taking the place of his master because of his love for him and Lucentio always treats him with kindness and […] The differences between the two couples contributestowards the element of irony in the play. They tell Baptista about their relationship only after their secret wedding, and he accepts their relationship because his daughter is happy. Why do Lucentio and Bianca ask pardon of their fathers in lines 109-111? Lucentio and Hortensio are rivals for Bianca’s attention, and their attempts to get each other out of the way are comical. But, throughout the play, marriage is often more a matter of economic exchange than reciprocal love. LUCENTIO: son of a wealthy Pisan (Vincentio); he falls in love with Bianca at first sight and is hired by Gremio as a tutor (disguised name: CAMBIO) to woo Bianca, but actually pays court to her for himself GREMIO: elderly suitor; he hires Lucentio to tutor Bianca and supposedly to woo her for Gremio. Both Lucentio’s and Bianca’s relationship with her fathers is anguished due to the amount of deception and disguise performed by the characters. What is the relationship between Lucentio and Hortensio? Act V Scene 1: 3. The Relationship Between Katherine and Bianca in Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" PAGES 2. Their relationship is the strongest because each partner tortured the other. Lucentio and Tranio’s relationship as master and servant is an ideal of the Renaissance era. After Lucentio reveals his true identity to Bianca, she falls in love with him.